100 posts!

Jan 20, 2014

100 posts!

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Pretending you understood something can be dangerous

When somebody warns you there are sea urchins in the water.

On the up side, I’ll forget the name of those nasty animals, that’s for sure.

Locatian: island close to Pula, Croatia

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Geographical discussion

Hostel guest: I mean, Canada is almost as big as Europe, so..

Me: What, there’s no way that they are about the same size!

He was right. 

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While describing some awkward and illogial situations in which one can find himself in Hungary


Words for POLICE in

German - POLIZEI
French - POLICE
Slovene - POLICIJA
Italian - POLIZIA
Slovakian - POLÍCIA
Spanish - POLICÍA

Hungarian - RENDŐRSÉG

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While Hungarians will push you at the metro station if you are standing in their way, they will always ask you very politely if it’s ok for them to sit next to you on the train. 

Jan 16, 2014
  • Tourist: Could you tell me where I can find a Starbucks?
  • Me: There's one at the next tram stop.
  • Me thinking: why, why, why would you go to a Starbucks while there are thousands of amazing local coffee places in Budapest?
Keeping your blog up to date while you are still on exchange? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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Learning Portuguese

  • Me: Tu és um gato!
  • Him: I'm a cat?

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Belgian stores

Things you rediscover when you are back home:

Stores are not open on Sunday.
You cannot go shopping after six.
"That, that.. that must be the price per kilo, right?" when buying 200g of meat.
Unfriendly cashiers are not a Budapest-only phenomenon, something you seem to have idealised while away from home. 
Markets are not cheaper than supermarkets

Széchenyi hid, BudapestChain bridge, Budapest

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Széchenyi hid, Budapest

Chain bridge, Budapest